Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coke really does change your life!

So, you know how in all those coke commercials they make it seem like coke is this life changing drink? Well, maybe not completely life changing but it definitely can do many different things. Have you heard of the coca-cola cake? I heard about it when reading an article that talked about baking with soda and they said this cake was a classic. Well, my mother decided to bake it and it was awesome! It was so nice and creamy and great to drink with a glass of milk! As you can see from below, we've already devoured half of it! Look forward to pictures from my homecoming week this week!

If your interested in making it, we used the recipe from


P.S. Isn't this Halloween themed Sunkist cute?!

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  1. yummy! i think i'll try that recipe this weekend