Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, somethings wrong with my camera and the pictures are not showing up very well. This outfit is so much cuter than it seems. The black pencil skirt is from the new designer at Target and makes my booty look really nice! This shirt is from Old Navy and the tights are from, well. probably Target. Not very Christmas-y but it looks really nice and the pinks tights make it seems less, monotone?

These are the new rain boots my parents got me. It's kinda hard to see but they have black, white,and gray stripes covering them. The got them from this store in Chicago called Filenes.

Here are some dangly earrings I got for Christmas last year from Francesca's. It makes my usual pony tail look seem less boring.

Here's a short video of my record player playing Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf. You can hear me talking in the background and you don't have to watch the whole thing!

So, I think this is one of the worst posts I've done in a while but I'm short on time and wanted to put something up!
Have an AWESOME Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Epic Gingerbread Houses (trixie)

Since it's almost time to make the annual gingerbread house, I thought I would post some inspiration for this year's design. The last one is my favorite!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ANTM Finale (trixie)

I just finished watching the finale of America's Next Top Model Cycle 15, and I am so happy because...Ann won!!!!! I think she will be a superb high fashion model. The runner up was Chelsey; she was my second pick because I admire how much she has worked to make it in the fashion world. The only aspect about this season that I did not like was that the models participated in a Vogue Italia cover shoot rather than a Seventeen cover shoot; I understand that this season was especially geared toward high fashion, but I am disappointed because I am not able to buy the magazine Ann will be featured in. Here is a picture of both Ann (right) and Chelsey (left).

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Can't even Think of a Catchy Title....

What do you think of the new background for our blog? I'm not sure about it; I think it's too big and I was trying to think of a good background picture that would describe the essence of Trixie and Dixie and couldn't quite come up with anything. So, feel free to change it. Today's post has absolutely no point; it's just stuff I find interesting.

Oh yes, I decided to break these bad boy socks out today!
I think this would look so cool in a house.

If I go to prom, I'd totally wear my hair like this; it's so pretty.
I'm not really an art person but stuff like this just seems really cool.

I like performance art like (above and below). These were contortionists who were running all over the city and posing in positions like these. So awesome!

Last minute things (in case you didn't know).
Good news: I got into UTK! Woo hoo!
Bad news: Davis Kidd is closing in December. :(

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Capes! (trixie)

This sounds weird, but I really want to wear a cape! A lot of people think they look frumpy, but I believe capes are unique and interesting. Here are two that have caught my eye. The red one is from Top Shop and the other cape is from Ruche. What is your opinion about this outwear?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The One I've Been Waiting For..........

I've been on the hunt for boots like these for awhile now and I finally found them at Macys! I actually first found them online so I kept waiting for them to be in stores and they finally are! My dad thinks they look like WWII combat boots. He somehow always manages to make historical references about my clothing!

So, this outfit is a lot cuter than it appears but it's a navy blue dress from Target (a long time ago), worn with a yellow Rachel Roy Sweater, and the boots are Steve Madden.
I love this silver pin from H&M! I had to clip it on! It's hard to tell but the straps of this dress are hearts!

Hope you enjoyed the quick post!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Appreciation for the 90s!

I don't know if you've noticed but there's been a definite 90s/grunge reemergence. At first, I didn't quite like it but like most things, it grew on me. I'm liking the sloppy, not completely pulled together look. Besides the rugged boots I've already shown my love for on here; I'm also liking the messy hair, over sized sweaters,etc. It just looks comfortable and not difficult to deal with!

I really love Courtney Love's look (haha)! The messy blonde hair and bright red lips just stand out so well and she works it. She was part of a band called Hole in the late 90s early 2000s. My favorite song by her, which I can't stop listening to, is called Celebrity Skin.
This is a picture of the whole band Hole.

Awe. This is Kurt Cobain. Lead singer and guitarist of Nirvana. He sadly ended his life but not before putting out some chart-toppers, most well-known being, Smells Like Teen Spirit. He was also married to Courtney Love.

This is Marc Jacobs take on grunge.
Sadly, like most trends now days, this one will come and go quickly but I still have to thank it for leading me to discover new things about the 90s!
A more interesting post should be coming later this week!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Outfit Post! (trixie)

Last weekend, I wore this outfit while touring at Wake Forest. The sweater (Anthropologie) and skirt (Urban Outfitters) have been mentioned in previous posts. The shirt is really a tunic/dress from Forever 21 that I tucked into the skirt, and the shoes are from Target. Also, I just finished a really good book for my English class called The Water is Wide by Pat Conroy. It was a really interesting read because it is partly set in Beaufort, South Carolina- one of my favorite vacation spots. Here is some background information on it and a brief summary:

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've recently found some pretty cool things at Target. This is the outfit I wore to volunteer today and it was quite comfy!
Shirt dress is from Anthropologie.
I was sooooo excited when I found out the popular (and expensive) brand Mulberry was doing a collection of purses for Target. I hurried out today and bought myself this awESOME
These leggings are also from Target; while I'm normally a tights person, I thought the zippers on the side were creative and cute! Shoes are from Macy's: Steve Madden.

Friday, October 8, 2010

cool new stuff! (trixie)

i want to devote this post to my current food/tv/music obsessions

Food: I can't get enough of Gigi's Cupcakes. They are the most delicious, heavenly treats I have ever tasted, and I really wish I was eating this Banana Cream Pie cupcake right now. Check out the other flavors at

Show: America's Next Top Model, Cycle 15 is off to a great start. My favorite model so far is Anne (she is the one in the middle with the black dress adorned with a purple flower). I really hope that Anne wins because I think her awkwardness is endearing and her unconventional look is high fashion.


I love the beat of this song- whenever I hear it, I just want to start dancing! "Animal" has two really fun music videos that can both be found on Youtube.

A Ton of Stuff!

So, I had said I was going to take pictures from homecoming week but I realized I didn't care that much about dressing up so, well, I didn't. However, I had a Congress meeting after school yesterday which requires you to dress "nice." I'm not a huge fan of the skirt in this outfit but I think overall, the look worked.

This is an up close of the shirt. From far away, you can't tell it's a jaguar face.
A white rose bracelet from H&M.

Sorry for the poor quality, iPhone pics are not the greatest!
P.S. I just noticed my dog slipped into the picture!

These fabulous worn-looking leather boots from Anthropologie. A definite winter staple.

A close up of my tights. I recently discovered textured tights don't do so well with my skin.

haha, my senior t-shirt. As you can tell, we're the burros. I'm glad they finally made fun of the burros other name....:)
Hope you enjoyed the post!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coke really does change your life!

So, you know how in all those coke commercials they make it seem like coke is this life changing drink? Well, maybe not completely life changing but it definitely can do many different things. Have you heard of the coca-cola cake? I heard about it when reading an article that talked about baking with soda and they said this cake was a classic. Well, my mother decided to bake it and it was awesome! It was so nice and creamy and great to drink with a glass of milk! As you can see from below, we've already devoured half of it! Look forward to pictures from my homecoming week this week!

If your interested in making it, we used the recipe from


P.S. Isn't this Halloween themed Sunkist cute?!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

1st Visit to Urban Outfitters (trixie)

I went shopping at Urban Outfitters for the first time on Saturday and found that I LOVE the store. It exceeded my expectations because I thought that the clothes at the store seemed a lot more chic and unique than those on the website. I bought this really cute skirt from the Urban Renewal brand. The picture below shows the skirt I purchased but in a different color- mine is black and white and is similar to the outfit featured in the second picture from an issue of Teen Vogue.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some New Stuff!

I've been wanting to go shopping for awhile now and I found this great loose striped top at Anthropologie. I love this outfit, it's so comfortable and will easily transition with a scarf for fall!

This is a necklace courtesy of my friend, Lauren, from TopShop.

I did this closeup because before you couldn't completely tell the shirt was navy blue stripes!
Not the most exciting post ever but I just wanted to share my finds!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion for less!

I was reading one of my favorite blogs: and she posted the sweater below as being great to go with skinny jeans. I completely agree! It looks so cute and comfortable I immediately had to have it. Well, I discovered that spending $129.90 on a sweater is not what I had in mind so, I snooped around other sites to see if I could find something similar but cheaper and here's what I came up with!

urban outfitters $68.00

forever 21 $19.80

urban outfitters $48.00

forever 21 $12.50

anthropologie $88.00
I plan on going shopping this weekend so look forward to a post about my finds!

Friday, September 10, 2010

trixie's in love!

I bought the latest issue of Teen Vogue today and found that the magazine includes an article featuring young actors. One of them is an 18 year old named Tyler Posey- I recognized him because he played one of the main characters on an old tv show i used to watch called Doc (the show was about a small town doctor (Billy Ray Cyrus) who had to adjust to city life after moving to New York City). I was totally taken aback when I saw the picture of him because now...he's HOT!!!!! Below is a picture of Tyler. Fun Fact: he almost got the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight series but obviously lost to Taylor Lautner.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's Go to the Fair!

So, the state fair is FINALLY coming to town this weekend and I am supAH excited! Apparently this is the last year they are having it which makes me sad but I would be at college this time next year anyway!
So, I was trying to decide what my idea of the perfect fair outfit would be and I just kept getting fifties inspired outfits in my mind!
I found this pretty red shirt at

I thought this cross-body bag would make for perfect carrying while running around and riding rides. Found at

I thought this was a cute fifties-styled skirt while also long enough that (hopefully) I'll be "properly" covered while riding rides! Found at

Cute. Comfortable. Matches.
Trixie, don't you have these?? :)
Found at
I am soooo excited! I can't wait to get some fried oreos! Yes, I know that sounds bad but not as bad as fried Twinkies or fried sticks of butter (apparently at some Texas state fair)!
I'm out!