Thursday, July 29, 2010

1990s Nostalgia

So, recently I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for the 1990s. Now, I was by no means a Gen X kid, I was literally, well, a kid. I remember some of the fads such as push pops and Furbies but I definitely didn't fully experience the 90s. So, I decided to go out and rent (what I consider) a bunch of 90s classics!

So, the movie above I would say is a bit silly?(to put it nicely).
The humor reminds me of Clueless but overall, it was a fun
movie about two best friends trying to be something they never
were for their high school reunion and finally learning that lesson
to just be themselves!

Wow, this is such a classic! I don't think anyone has not
NOT seen it. No description necessary!

My sister-in-law says this is very reminiscent of how the 90s
were. She said it really captures Gen X (teens/young adults in
the 90s). Its about a group of friends trying to figure out what
to do after they graduate college and who they are. (Notice the
figuring out who you are trend here?)I wouldn't say this is one
of my favorites but it definitely captured reality and the grunge

Hah! This movie is definitely another easy watch! The main
character's name is Cher and she is definitely a bit of a diva!
She loves shopping and while not always appearing the
smartest, she does somehow always manage to get herself out
of sticky situations. She learns along the way that you can't
change people and that you can't control everything.

This is the last movie on my list because I have yet to watch it. So many people like it but I've just been putting off seeing it. From what I gather,
two step siblings make a bet. If the guy can get the girl who has sworn
to save herself for marriage to do it, he can finally get it on
with his step-sister. If he fails, she gets his very expensive car.
A bit skanky but kind of a classic nonetheless!
Hope you enjoyed!
P.S. I also wanted to put the movie Shes All That, on here but my
computer is being stupid and has stopped letting me upload pictures.
It's also a very 90s movie about a guy that makes a bet with his
friends that he can turn this "nerdy" girl into a prom queen. Of course, there
are many twists to come!
Now, that I'm actually writing about all these movies, I see how similar
they are!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Lipstick Find!

I've always wanted to try wearing lavender shaded lipstick, and I have found the perfect kind! Made by Revlon, this awesome shade is called Berry Haute. I love this lipstick because it is a pretty purple color, and it compliments my complexion very well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Invisible Tree Houses!

I was on yahoo and saw this article on invisible treehouses. I thought it seemed so cool and odd at the same time. If your interested in reading the article click on the link! http://http//

Friday, July 23, 2010

FinalllY MY Destin Finds!!

So, I finally decided to get off my lazy butt and take pictures of my favorite finds in Destin! The summer dress below I actually found in Panama City and now that I try to recall what the name of the store is, I can't remember! All I know is that it was in this neat shopping area where the famous restaurant Margarittaville was. It was about $49.99, but totally worth the splurge, I love it!

These shoes I actually bought at home from Dillards. I was in desperate need of some new shoes and I thought these would be great and go with lots of different outfits! Not the best foot shot but oh well!

This sweater dress is obviously for fall! I thought it seemed so cute and comfy. I got it at Old Navy, on sale, for $15. I paired it with some blacks tights and my current favorite pair of heels that I got at H&M a year ago!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forever 21 Haul (Trixie)

I recently did some shopping on the Forever 21 website and bought several accessories. Since I am required to wear a uniform at school, I like to wear cute headbands, jewelry, etc. to give my outfit a little bit of individuality. In addition to the uniform accessories, I bought two items that are shown in the pictures below. The first is a colorful sweater-top that I thought looked comfy but also cute. The second picture is of a black beret adorned with a bow (I love bows!). I bought this hat because it was on my fashion wish list. Whenever I have money set aside for shopping, I write down a list of general clothing items or trends that I wish to try. This helps me to shop with a purpose and keep me from impulse buying. (P.S.: Now is a great time to shop on the Forever 21 website! You don't have to pay shipping if you spend more than $40!!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, I've been bored and decided to scope around mod cloth and here's what I found. I think I might actually try to convince my parents to get me this dress. Part of me feels its a little over the top but I love it. I also love these tights! There so fun and quirky! New post coming friday!!!! dIXie**

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun Quizzes!

Seventeen Magazine's website got a facelift, and it has tons of new, fun quizzes. Here are two of them.

Make-up quiz!

What Fall Nail Polish Shade Should You Wear?

Cool New Blog Site!

I just discovered this site called Polyvore. People create collections of different outfits based on ideas or movies. My favorite ones are based on movies or tv. This girls profile is my favorite. Later this week I plan on posting some of my fashion finds from Destin. Until then,


Saturday, July 3, 2010

BLUSH (trixie)

There is a store called Blush next door to my local Target, and I have always seen the cutest dresses in their window displays. I recently went inside to check the store out and expected it to be a very expensive boutique. Boy, was I wrong! Items sell for around $30 to $100 (I know that seems a little pricey, but compare that to a store like Anthropologie where you are lucky to get a shirt for $30 when it is on sale.) I heard from a sales clerk there that Blush buys clothing from designers new to the fashion scene, and they have completely new merchandise in the store about every week. The clothes sold their are trendy and/or vintage-chic. They sell shoes too, but they are not as eye-catching as the apparel. Yesterday at Blush, I bought a printed, earthy-toned dress with a ruffled, scoop neck collar that came with a knit belt with a large leather buckle. I also bought a lace sweater/cover up that I can wear with just about anything. Both are amazingly cute; the dress was $40.99, and the sweater was $44.99.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Off to Destin!

Well, I'm off to Destin tomorrow and thought I'd do a post before I went. I bought the sandals below from because they looked perfect for just slipping on and going! I also recently discovered this website: The clothes while cute are not quite as affordable but the site is definitely fun to peruse. AND ALSO THE LAST HARRY POTTER MOVIE TRAILOR IS OUT!!! Check it out!


Decisions Decisions... (trixie)

I went onto and found two very cute pairs of black heels. I can't decide which one to buy!