Saturday, July 3, 2010

BLUSH (trixie)

There is a store called Blush next door to my local Target, and I have always seen the cutest dresses in their window displays. I recently went inside to check the store out and expected it to be a very expensive boutique. Boy, was I wrong! Items sell for around $30 to $100 (I know that seems a little pricey, but compare that to a store like Anthropologie where you are lucky to get a shirt for $30 when it is on sale.) I heard from a sales clerk there that Blush buys clothing from designers new to the fashion scene, and they have completely new merchandise in the store about every week. The clothes sold their are trendy and/or vintage-chic. They sell shoes too, but they are not as eye-catching as the apparel. Yesterday at Blush, I bought a printed, earthy-toned dress with a ruffled, scoop neck collar that came with a knit belt with a large leather buckle. I also bought a lace sweater/cover up that I can wear with just about anything. Both are amazingly cute; the dress was $40.99, and the sweater was $44.99.


  1. oooo, my sister-in-law has been wanting to check out blush for awhile now! I'll definiteley have to tell her its really good! Are the dresses all fancy or are they causual too?

  2. about half of the dresses are formal while the others are casual/sun dresses. if i didn't have to wear a uniform, i think i could totally wear the dress i bought to school.