Saturday, September 24, 2011

ModCloth Buys (Trixie)

Over the past month I have bought two dresses from my new favorite online store, ModCloth. I rarely buy clothes off the Internet, but fortunately both of these pieces fit me like a glove. The first is a dress I plan to wear to my last Model United Nations conference. I have been on the hunt for an awesome lace dress for ages now, and I am very pleased with this one. The second is a party dress that I'll wear to homecoming....if I decide to go to homecoming. It was more expensive than the lace dress, but I justified buying it by telling myself that I can always wear it to formals/parties at college. I plan to wear black flats with this dress since it is way too short for heels, and I've found that black tights compliment it well.

P.S.- Dixie, I am SO sorry that I gave you that Sally Hensen nail art pen for Christmas a few years ago!! I bought two for myself recently, made a design on my nails, and was horrified to see the polish come off when I washed my hands!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Too mUCH time!

So because I have nothing better to do, I spend a lot of time on the Internet and found these cool/funny links around on the Internet. Enjoy at your bored-est moments this weekend! this one is a tad weird but it's funny once you get it! I feel bad for thinking this is funny but it cracked me up. This is just kind of fun to look at. My room never looked like any of them!!

Btw, to view, you'll probably just have to copy and paste the link into the bar thingy (haha).

Hope you enjoy!