Saturday, September 24, 2011

ModCloth Buys (Trixie)

Over the past month I have bought two dresses from my new favorite online store, ModCloth. I rarely buy clothes off the Internet, but fortunately both of these pieces fit me like a glove. The first is a dress I plan to wear to my last Model United Nations conference. I have been on the hunt for an awesome lace dress for ages now, and I am very pleased with this one. The second is a party dress that I'll wear to homecoming....if I decide to go to homecoming. It was more expensive than the lace dress, but I justified buying it by telling myself that I can always wear it to formals/parties at college. I plan to wear black flats with this dress since it is way too short for heels, and I've found that black tights compliment it well.

P.S.- Dixie, I am SO sorry that I gave you that Sally Hensen nail art pen for Christmas a few years ago!! I bought two for myself recently, made a design on my nails, and was horrified to see the polish come off when I washed my hands!

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