Thursday, July 29, 2010

1990s Nostalgia

So, recently I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for the 1990s. Now, I was by no means a Gen X kid, I was literally, well, a kid. I remember some of the fads such as push pops and Furbies but I definitely didn't fully experience the 90s. So, I decided to go out and rent (what I consider) a bunch of 90s classics!

So, the movie above I would say is a bit silly?(to put it nicely).
The humor reminds me of Clueless but overall, it was a fun
movie about two best friends trying to be something they never
were for their high school reunion and finally learning that lesson
to just be themselves!

Wow, this is such a classic! I don't think anyone has not
NOT seen it. No description necessary!

My sister-in-law says this is very reminiscent of how the 90s
were. She said it really captures Gen X (teens/young adults in
the 90s). Its about a group of friends trying to figure out what
to do after they graduate college and who they are. (Notice the
figuring out who you are trend here?)I wouldn't say this is one
of my favorites but it definitely captured reality and the grunge

Hah! This movie is definitely another easy watch! The main
character's name is Cher and she is definitely a bit of a diva!
She loves shopping and while not always appearing the
smartest, she does somehow always manage to get herself out
of sticky situations. She learns along the way that you can't
change people and that you can't control everything.

This is the last movie on my list because I have yet to watch it. So many people like it but I've just been putting off seeing it. From what I gather,
two step siblings make a bet. If the guy can get the girl who has sworn
to save herself for marriage to do it, he can finally get it on
with his step-sister. If he fails, she gets his very expensive car.
A bit skanky but kind of a classic nonetheless!
Hope you enjoyed!
P.S. I also wanted to put the movie Shes All That, on here but my
computer is being stupid and has stopped letting me upload pictures.
It's also a very 90s movie about a guy that makes a bet with his
friends that he can turn this "nerdy" girl into a prom queen. Of course, there
are many twists to come!
Now, that I'm actually writing about all these movies, I see how similar
they are!


  1. i have seen 10 Things I Hate About You and Cluless, and they are two of my favorite movies. I noticed that Ryan Phillipe stars in Cruel Intentions- he hosted an episode of snl last season. he's hot!!

  2. I know! I think this is how he and Reese Witherspoon met, I'm not sure.....btw, if your still up for it, lets watch PERSONS UNKNOWN together saturday!! I'll give u a call tommorow or u can just call me once you've read this! ttyl, dIXie**