Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Can't even Think of a Catchy Title....

What do you think of the new background for our blog? I'm not sure about it; I think it's too big and I was trying to think of a good background picture that would describe the essence of Trixie and Dixie and couldn't quite come up with anything. So, feel free to change it. Today's post has absolutely no point; it's just stuff I find interesting.

Oh yes, I decided to break these bad boy socks out today!
I think this would look so cool in a house.

If I go to prom, I'd totally wear my hair like this; it's so pretty.
I'm not really an art person but stuff like this just seems really cool.

I like performance art like (above and below). These were contortionists who were running all over the city and posing in positions like these. So awesome!

Last minute things (in case you didn't know).
Good news: I got into UTK! Woo hoo!
Bad news: Davis Kidd is closing in December. :(

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  1. congrats on getting into UTK!!!! i really like the peach accents of the new design, the color is so vibrant and fresh!