Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 Things About NY

So, I have been doing some reading on what people felt they should know before they moved to New York and here are the top ten things. However, I found it funny that all 4 boroughs were mentioned except the one I will be living in: The Bronx.

1o things i should apparently know before i move to new york
1. it's dirty; flip flops are a no no
2. it's expensive
3. people aren't necessarily rude, just more of in a hurry
4. there is everything known to man to eat so there is no excuse to eat at a chain restaurant
5. pay to live in a more expensive neighborhood with a shoebox sized apartment rather than a crappy neighborhood with a nice apt: you will get mugged
6. don't wear heels in the meatpacking district
7. learn the subway system but also know, you better get there early
8. bring earphones or something to read for the subway
9. there are 5 boroughs in new york city to explore, not just Manhattan
10. walk on the left side of the street and stand on the right

Also, I was trying to find a new background for the blog but I kept coming up with stuff that didn't quite work.

Feel free to try to find a new background because I deleted the old one on accident!



  1. Cool tips! Why don't you wear heels in the meatpacking district??

  2. cobblestone streets. cool new background! very psycodelic hippie! if ur back from vacation, call me soon, we should do something!