Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer TV Show Favorites (Trixie)

Ever since I discovered Hulu, I have been able to watch some great cable television shows that I would otherwise miss. Here is some info on my four favorites!

1. Pretty Little Liars- As you probably know, I have been obsessed with this show for a long time. The characters' fashion is what makes the show so much fun to watch. I get style inspiration from Aria, the girl having an affair with her teacher (well technically he's not her teacher anymore), and Spencer, the wealthy girl whose brother-in-law tried to murder her last season. The first has a quirky taste while the latter wears more classic, designer pieces.

2. Switched at Birth- I like this show, but unfortunately I don't think it will last long because of its cheesiness. It is about two girls who were switched at birth, and one of them is deaf. I enjoy watching the show because it incorporates many truly deaf actors. It is interesting to watch completely silent scenes where the only dialogue is sign language. The emotion in the deaf characters' faces conveys their thoughts just as well as speech.

3. The Nine Lives of Chloe King- This show is about a girl who gains catlike (retractable claws, night vision, supernatural agility, etc.) powers on her 16th birthday. She discovers that she is part of an ancient half-human/half-god race called the Mi, and that she is her people's Uniter. I don't know what that means exactly yet, but I do know that it comes with the additional power of having nine lives. The girl, Chloe, also finds out that if a Mi kisses a human, the human will probably die. This creates a problem because she has just started to date this really nice guy named Brian. This show is a tad cheesy, but it's also fun and exciting.

4. Teen Wolf- I love this show. The primary reason why is its star, my future husband, Tyler Posey. I mentioned him in a post ages ago when he appeared in a Young Hollywood edition of Teen Vogue. The show is basically about a high school sophomore named Scott McCall (Posey) who gets attacked by a werewolf and thus becomes a werewolf himself. McCall is comparable to Peter Parker, Spiderman's alias. He's supposed to be kind of a loser, but the powers he gains as a werewolf enables him to become more popular by making him better at sports and giving him more confidence with girls. McCall discovers that he was bitten by this mysterious, evil werewolf called the Alpha because the Alpha wants McCall to be in his pack for some reason. I've heard some people say that Teen Wolf is a TV remake of Michael J. Fox's movie Teen Wolf but I can't really compare them since I've never seen the latter. All I can say is that the show is good. Every episode is filled with unexpected twists and Tyler's sidekick on the show (I don't know what his real name is but on the show his name is Styles) is hilarious.

Picture Notes.... Picture One- Spencer and Aria are in the middle, Picture Two- recognize someone from High School Musical?, Picture Three- I totally have that skirt!, Picture Four- Styles is on the far left

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  1. omg u watch the cheesiest shows ever!! it cracks me up!! switched at birth seemed kinda lame to me but i think its really cool what the show will do for the deaf community. i actually considered watching the nine lives of chloe king, is it as cheesy as the other shows? and as u know, ive been watching teen wolf and i love stiles! he totally adds a great element to the show! ;) -dixie