Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Earring Frustration! (trixie)

I recently got my ears pierced and was told by my doctor that I should only wear gold or silver post earrings for about a year. I was completely fine with that at first because I don't want my ears to get infected, but I have discovered that it is really hard to find a fun, relatively cheap pair of gold/silver post earrings. Hardly any stores sell them, and if they do, I find them plain and boring. Here is one of the only cute pairs of gold post earrings I have found ($24.00 at Anthropologie)

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  1. oooo, super cute! u mean sterling silver? cuz i find cute sterling silver earings all the time but i understand what u mean, its hard to find good earings! and i have no clue what tumbler is.....