Sunday, August 8, 2010

Interesting Website (trixie)

I am obsessed with America's Next Top Model, and one of my favorite parts of the show is when models receive special prizes for winning contests. On one episode, the reward was a gift certificate to I had never heard of this website, so I checked it out after the show was over. I found out that bluefly is a website where people can by designer apparel and accessories at discounted prices. This sounds great at first, but I discovered that the merchandise on bluefly is still very expensive. While I don't plan on regularly buying from bluefly, I still browse for fun. I like the dresses the best so here are several of my favorites.

  1. Designer: Chaiken, Original Price: $326.00, Discounted Price: $139.99
  2. Designer: Marc By Marc Jacobs, Original Price: $298.00, Discounted Price: $152.15 (Lea Michele wore this on Glee!)
  3. Designer: Alice & Olivia, Original Price: $484.00, Discounted Price: $245.65 (I think this would make a pretty homecoming dress)
  4. Designer: Nicole Miller, Original Price: $310.00, Discounted Price $186.00 (another homecoming-worthy dress)
  5. Designer: Wyatt, Original Price: $125.00, Discounted Price: 74.80
  6. Designer: Marc Bouwer GlamIt! Original Price: $495.00, Discounted Price: $297.00 (homecoming worthy)
  7. Designer: Marc Bouwer GlamIt!, Original Price: $495.00, Discounted Price: $287.00 (I would totally wear this to prom b/c it's simple and almost Grecian in appearance)

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  1. I love the yellow and blue dress (2&3)!! I love the material and draping! The last dress is especially beautiful too! I'm totally going to revisit this site if the need for a nice dress arrises!