Monday, June 21, 2010

Awesome websites!

I was snooping around on Glamour magazines website and discovered two great sites! One: is a fashion advice website. It's so easy to become a member and my question was answered within the day that I posted it! The other great website is it's a website that shows people when they were younger and how they look now. So, if your ever feeling like your not gonna grow out of that awkward teenage stage just check out this site. Btw, in order to see what they look like when their older you have to click on the "continue reading" below the pic.


  1. these are cool websites. what question did you ask on whattowear?

  2. What shorts could I wear that would flatter my figure that werent necessarily bermuda shorts. they still kinda gave me pics of bermuda shorts but it was still cool that they emailed me back!