Tuesday, June 8, 2010

floral jeans...with a spin! (trixie)

This past spring, I have grown to love the "floral" trend. I absolutely love these jean shorts from Forever 21 because they are both trendy and casual. Unlike other varieties of floral jeans, these shorts are practical. You don't find yourself trying them on and thinking, "Where am I ever going to wear these?" Paired with a cute t-shirt or tank top, these jeans would help to create an adorable, laid-back look. Personally, I think these jeans could help you wear a pretty style without looking like you copied your outfit from a magazine.


  1. very nice trixie, im loving it! u need to tell me how to post pictures!! comment back!

  2. thanks!! :D When you compose a post, you will find a toolbar at the top. The insert a picture icon is to the right of the spell check button. there is also an insert a video button- i'm going to try that in my next post!