Friday, June 11, 2010

Fred Flare (trixie)

I have known about this website for a while, and I have always loved browsing its Accessories section. While the store is a bit expensive, I think Fred Flare is an awesome place to buy unique items and gifts. I have inserted a few pictures below of my favorite items on the website.

I think these band-aids are so cute that I wouldn't want to use them up! The bandage tin includes fifteen band-aids, and the three Pac-Man patterns are shown in the picture.

I have never been able to find a cute camera case...until now. It is a little pricey at $28, but I think it is a really neat case to use when you're on the go and need a place to keep your camera safe.

Fred Flare has a small collection called Disney Couture that features interesting pieces like this. This bracelet is called the Pocahontas cuff that includes two charms made to look like Pocahontas's hummingbird and raccoon friends. Checkout the Fred Flare website ( to see more Disney Couture and other unique products as well.


  1. haha yayyyy, i love fred flare!!! That camera case is super cute! I love vintage-looking stuff like that. I havent looked at the site recently but I think I will now. Out of curiousity,trixie, do your parents read this?

  2. go take this quiz!

  3. 1. I showed my mom the blog when i first set it up, but no, they don't read it.
    2. I got all but 2 right! can you believe Phyllis was an NFL cheerleader??

  4. omg, i know!! i want to see what she looked like then!