Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Sweet Escape!

I've really been in a "beach" mood recently but I feel with the recent oil spill, thats becoming more unlikely. I've recently been reading Tori Spelling's autobiography sTORI Telling and I'm loving it! She and her husband went to Figi and I saw it in the background and thought it looked beautiful! The pictures above are of Figi. I also really recommend it to read this summer because while its easy to judge Tori, I feel like shes just trying to make it in the world like the rest of us.
Thats all for now,


  1. awesome pics!! I am glad you are liking the book- i'm almost finished reading Angela's Ashes. It's very good but very depressing :(

  2. Yeah, I remember when Carrie was reading it and she described it to me. They make you guys read the most weird books! Wait, did u like the top blue shoe or the bottom one?