Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mod Cloth (trixie)

I love! Specifically, I really like their dresses because most of them are designed in a retro/chic style. The next time I go to a semi-formal event, I am definitely ordering my dress from Mod Cloth. Here are some pictures of my favorite dresses on the website.
  1. "Strawberry Shortcake Dress-" Red is one of my favorite colors to wear. I really like the sleeves on this dress.
  2. "Frock of the Town Dress"- I love this dress because it is so wild and unique.
  3. "Little Girl Blue Dress"- This is a casual dress I found on Mod Cloth. I think it is really cute!


  1. oooo, my sister-in-law lovessss modcloth!! I like the second dress the best because its so unconventional! But I'd be more likely to buy the third dress. I like simple, 50s style stuff! Did you get my message about eclipse?!?!

  2. yes..I'M SO EXCITED!!! thanks so much for getting me the ticket- let me know how much it was so i can pay you back on tuesday.

  3. p.s. you know what i discovered about mod cloth? they sell betsey johnson dresses! the bad part is that they're not any cheaper than the dresses sold at the store. :(