Saturday, June 19, 2010

GRITS (trixie)

I have been eating this tasty Southern breakfast dish all week, so I decided to talk about grits in this post. I find it scary that a lot of people don't know what grits are so here's a picture.
It is a dish similar to oatmeal, but it consists of a cornmeal rather than oat base. Also unlike oatmeal, people usually add cheese to grits instead of fruit. When preparing grits, one should follow a crucial guideline (otherwise, the grits will be incredibly bland): use chicken stock rather than water when cooking the grits. I also find that stone-ground grits are better than the regular kind.

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  1. I've made mine with water in the past and they've tasted fine but obviously I'll never know if the chicken stock way is better! I do love grits though, especially really cheesy ones!